Solstice 2020 Session Descriptions

On this page you’ll find detailed descriptions of the sessions we’ll be offering for Solstice 2020.

Common Room

Morning Prayer and Bible Study
Start off the day with a brief service of prayers and a bible study on Luke 4.16-30.

Games –
We’ll play Jackbox games online.

Free Hangout
A chance to just chat, sit together, listen to music, or whatever.

Hot Seat
Bring all your questions about life, morality, church, spirituality, or whatever. For anonymous questions, email

Agapé Meal
Since we can’t have communion together, we’ll use this ancient meal blessing over your own bread and wine (if you’re over 21) or grape juice.

Depending on the spread of the virus, and if the weather isn’t too bad, we’ll bundle up for a campfire at St. A’s. Masking and physical distancing will be observed, and the campfire will be streamed to the Common Room. If the weather is too bad and/or the virus is spreading too fast, we’ll stream a nice campfire from YouTube in the Common Room with some music and stories.

Session Room

Guided meditation
Dr. Mary Chandler Bolin is the director of the Counseling Center at the University of Kentucky and a long-time Domainer and Solstice leader. She’ll be leading us on a guided meditation on a Journey to Bethlehem.

Art Class!
You’ll do an easy art project with items found around your house.

Allison Duvall works for Episcopal Migration Ministries, teaches dance at McTeggart Irish Dance, and grew up in the Diocese of Lexington. She’ll lead us through a workout that will help keep us moving through a long winter and teach us to make our own workout session.

Pita Bread
St. A’s campus minister and devoted baker, Rob Coulston, will teach an interactive baking class where we’ll make our own pita bread just in time for dinner.

Rest in the love of God. Breathe deep.