Welcome to the website for the joint campus ministry for the Lutheran and Episcopal churches at the University of Kentucky.

Worship services have been taking place at 472 Rose Street since 1954, when a small bungalow served as a chapel for the Episcopal students of the University of Kentucky. In 1958 the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington called the first chaplain to the university. With the aid of a grant, a more permanent space in which students and faculty could worship was built, and in 1959 St. Augustine’s Chapel – named for the first Archbishop of Canterbury – held its first service. Since then the Chapel has been a spiritual haven for students amidst the business of college life, a place to pray, sing, build community, and grow closer to God.

We invite everyone on the campus to join us on the adventure that is university life. Whether you are a Christian or not, whether you are sure about your faith or are full of questions and doubts, undergrad, graduate, faculty, or staff, we hope St. A’s can be a place of sanctuary for you.