Lenten Encouragement

Over the years that I have been keeping a Lenten discipline, I’ve noticed something interesting, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one who feels this way. It is way harder to keep up with my Lenten discipline at the beginning of Lent than at the end. It is always harder for me to start or stop a practice than it is to just keep rolling. Inertia is a real thing. If you’re like me, it’s about time to get some encouragement and be supported in community.

One of the most central tenets of our faith is that is must be practiced in community. We proclaim one God who is community. The Communion cannot be celebrated alone in our traditions. We pray the Daily Prayers in the plural, even when we pray alone. So if you need to be lifted up in community here are a couple St. A’s connected of opportunities:

Lenten Preaching Series
Wednesdays: 6 PM Soup Supper, 7 PM Service.

Walking the Way together
Sundays during the semester: 7 PM supper, 7:30 PM Bible Study

  • This weekly meeting is primarily focused on the concerns and needs of undergrads at UK, but all are welcome. During Lent we are writing our personal and community Rule of Life.

The most important thing to remember about a Lenten discipline, whether we are giving something up or taking something on, is that we need to be gentle with ourselves. It is exceedingly likely that we will fail at some point. Forty days are a long time after all. When we don’t live up to our disciplines, it shouldn’t be a chance for self-flagellation, but rather a chance for a new start, a chance to learn. So don’t give up, and start again.

We should also remember that we take on Lenten disciplines on in order to clean our spiritual house and prepare ourselves for the Day of Resurrection. Our disciplines call us to remember that our Lenten journey, and our life’s journey for that matter, doesn’t end on top of hill, nailed to the cross. Our Lenten disciplines call us to remember that our journey ends early one morning standing before an empty tomb walking into the abundant life in the new creation for which we were made and for which we’ve prepared.


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