Spring Art Show

Back in the autumn, I got a letter out of the blue from an elementary school art teacher. I’d never heard of her; I had no previous relationship with the school. The letter was an invitation to support Ashland Elementary’s art program. I looked down the list of ways to support them and I was inspired. I wanted to see what we could do at the Chapel to support these children in their art class.

As I scanned the letter, I realized that St. A’s was the perfect place to hold an art show. And that’s just what we did. Last Thursday, March 28th, we hosted about 80 people, student-artists, their families, and UK students, as they showed off their art and enjoyed a reception at the Chapel.

Last week in this reflection, I asked what the Good News looks like in our context. I saw it last week. As the elementary schoolers and their siblings ex

Art Show.png

plored the Chapel, and their parents and I talked, I realized that the Good News comes in all different shapes and sizes. There are times when all of history is turned upside down and God’s victory is celebrated in every corner of the creation. But more often than not, the  Good News takes the form of children seeing their art hung up at a university. The Good News looks like children running and laughing in the Chapel. The Good News is sometimes a packet of cookies when you’re bored at your big sister’s event.

Investing in our community has brought blessing and friendship into the Chapel in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I am so grateful to Traci Rust, the intrepid teacher who reached out to an unknown campus ministry, to the student-artists of Ashland Elementary School, and to their parents and guardians who made celebrating their children a priority. Thank you for preaching the Good News to me.

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