Senior Reflection: Isabel Watkins

This week’s Senior Reflection comes from Isabel Watkins, who is graduating with a degree in International Studies- Comparative Politics. She’ll be working for the Johnson Service Corps, a member of the Episcopal Service Corps, in the fall for a servant year. Go Isabel!

I came to UK as a transfer student in the beginning of my sophomore year. I knew maybe two friends at UK that I hadn’t seen since high school, and felt more lost and disoriented than ever. As a freshman, I was a member of the club tennis team, the outdoor adventure club, and the habitat humanity chapter at my school. I had made good friends from my classes, from my dorm, and from my team, all of whom I missed painfully during my first semester as a sophomore. I tried going to practices with the club tennis team at UK, but it never felt right, and rushing a sorority was never a part of my plan to make friends or find my place. So, sometime during my first few weeks on campus, I found St. A’s. Going to a new church every Sunday was the one thing I could look forward to during the week, and I found the time I spent with my fellow students to be relaxing, fun, and most of all welcoming. In a time when all I needed was a place of belonging, St. A’s was there to provide introspective discussion, laughter, fellowship, and many times fresh pizza. I am so grateful for the community I found in St. A’s during a rocky time in my life, and hope that it can provide a similarly welcoming space for anyone at UK looking for a group of friends that will accept and celebrate them in any stage of growth and being.

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