We are the Church

On this final Wednesday of the Fall 2019 semester, as the civil year comes to a close, and as we look forward to Christ’s coming into the world, I wanted to let you in on a little secret. We are the Church.

Church Bulletins.JPG
Bulletins from our travels this semester

What kind of secret is that, you may ask? It’s a well kept secret. Throughout the year, St. A’s has traveled to Episcopal and Lutheran churches in central Kentucky and this semester we went to 13 different congregations, experiencing God, living and active in Kentucky. We have seen the ministries and services of 13 different groups of Christians, and what have we learned? We are the Church.

To quote Juergen Moltmann, “What we have to learn from them is not that the church ‘has’ a mission, but the very reverse: that the mission of Christ creates it’s own church.” Christ has gathered us together in this synod and diocese and given us the mission of participating in the reconciliation of our world to God. The Church is not beyond us; we are the Church. We decide how we will fulfill the mission Christ has given us. This is what St. A’s has learned through our time with other congregations and faith communities this semester. This is what we will seek to live out as we continue to be the Body of Christ at the University of Kentucky, Transylvania, and beyond.

We are the Church.

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