Advent Appeal

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we begin this Advent season, looking back to the year that was, and looking toward the year that will be, I am filled with so many complicated emotions: fear & hope, joy & sadness, longing for an end to the pandemic, and a desire for a fresh start. Most of all, I feel grateful for having a community at St. A’s who have supported and cared for each other through the pandemic, grown in Spirit, in leadership, and in numbers, and who are continuing to look for opportunities to serve the world in Christ’s name.

This pandemic will change many things in our lives. We are leaving behind what we were and we are beginning to lean into what we are to become, but one thing is certain: the community of love gathered by God in Jesus’ name will continue. It will continue in our homes, in our churches, and, with your support, this new family of love and grace, will continue at the University of Kentucky.

St. A’s is asking for your support this year the same as every year. First and foremost, please pray for us and for our mission to share the Good News of God in Jesus Christ at the University of Kentucky, and soon at Transylvania University. Second, tell someone about our mission. Tell a university student, a parent, a support staff member, an administrator, or a professor about this community that is there to support them..

And lastly, if you are able, please contribute to St. A’s financially. Due to the pandemic, online gifts are preferred at this time. Please visit, select St. Augustine’s Chapel in the drop down menu, and continue with your gift. You may also send a check to the Chapel if that is your preference.

Finally, let me tell you how grateful the St. A’s community is for you and your support. Thank you for your prayers, for your time, and for your financial support. St. A’s cannot exist without you.

Grace and Peace,

Rob Coulston,
Campus Minister

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