Read Bible with us!

Over the last year, I’ve heard a lot of folks ask me how to read more Bible. Some want to read it for spiritual reasons, other for curiosity’s sake. Either way, I’m a big advocate of reading more Bible. Below is a week-by-week chart for reading the entire Bible in about one year. The readings from the Jewish Bible (Tanakh) are based on a 19th century cycle of studying the Bible and the Christian Writings are my work.

A few words before we jump into the readings.
1) The Bible is not one text. There are so may styles and genres of literature within each book or letter or sermon much less between texts that when we read a biblical text we need to ask “What kind of text am I reading right now?” Poetry serves a different purpose than wisdom literature than prose than exhortation. Be aware of what you’re reading.

2) Similar to above, the Bible wasn’t written as at one time. It was written in bites and snippets and stitched together over thousands of years. A text in Genesis was not written with the same intention as a text in 1 Kings or Mark’s gospel. Again, this requires a different set of eyes when reading the texts. It is better to ask “What is in the text?” not “what do I want the text to say?”.

3) The Tanakh as a life of its own aside from the Christian Writings. They should be seen as an integral work. The Christian Writings are reflections on and additions to the Tanakh. Jesus only used the Law and Prophets as scripture. Daniel was relatively new (about 150 years old) and not in the canon yet. The Psalms were sacred, but not in the Bible. Therefore, when we as modern Christians read the Jewish Bible, we should not see Jesus in every nook and cranny. Jesus, to the Christian, is the fulfillment of prophecy which is different from the prophets predicting Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection.

4) Don’t get stressed. Pick one column to read this year, pick one column and read that part of the Bible this year. Pick another next year. Pick two. And if you forget a week, go back and read it. Or don’t! Be generous with yourself whatever your spiritual practices are.

Week ofTorahProphetsWritingsGospelChristian Writing
Sept 26Gen 1.1–6.8Josh 1–11Ps 1–11Mk 1Acts 1-2
Oct 3Gen 6.9–11.32Josh 12–19Ps 12–20Mk 2-3Acts 3-4
Oct 10Gen 12.1–17.27Josh 20–endPs 21–34Mk 4-5Acts 5-7
Oct 17 Gen 18.1–22.24Jg 1–11Ps 35–42Mk 6Acts 8
Oct 24Gen 23.1–25.18Jg 12–endPs 43–51Mk 7-8Acts 9-10
Oct 31Gen 25.19–28.91 Sam 1–8Ps 52–65Mk 9-10Acts 11-13
Nov 7Gen 28.10–32.31 Sam 9–13Ps 66–73Mk 11Acts 14-15
Nov 14Gen 32.4–36.431 Sam 14–25Ps 74–79Mk 12-13Acts 16-17
Nov 21Gen 37.1–40.231 Sam 26–end; 2 Sam 1–7Ps 80–90Mk 14Acts 18-19
Nov 28Gen 41.1–44.172 Sam 8–18Ps 91–106Mk 15-16Acts 20-21
Dec 5Gen 44.18–47.272 Sam 19–endPs 107–119Mt 1-3Acts 22-23
Dec 12Gen 47.28–50.261 Kg 1–6Ps 120–136Mt 4-5Acts 24-25
Dec 19Ex 1.1–6.11 Kg 7–10Ps 137–150Mt 6-7Acts 26-27
Dec 26Ex 6.2–9.351 Kg 11–19Job 1–6Mt 8-9Acts 28; Rom 1-2
Jan 2Ex 10.1–13.161 Kg 20-end; 2 Kg 1-5Job 7–12Mt 10-11Rom 3-5
Jan 9Ex 13.17–17.162 Kg 6–12Job 13–20Mt 12Rom 6-8
Jan 16Ex 18.1–20.232 Kg 13–18Job 21–25Mt 13-14Rom 9-11
Jan 23Ex 21.1–24.182 Kg 19–endJob 26–28Mt 15-16Rom 12-14
Jan 30Ex 25.1–27.19Jer 1–8Job 29–38Mt 17-18Rom 15-16; 1 Cor 1
Feb 6Ex 27.20–30.10Jer 9–17Job 39–endMt 19-201 Cor 2-5
Feb 13Ex 30.11–34.35Jer 18–31EstherMt 21-221 Cor 6-8
Feb 20Ex 35.1–38.20Jer 32–37Song of SongsMt 231 Cor 9-11
Feb 27Ex 38.21–40.38Jer 38–48Pr 1–6Mt 24-251 Cor 12-14
March 6Lev 1.1–5.26Jer 49–endPr 7–12Mt 261 Cor 15-16
March 13Lev 6.1–8.36Ezek 1–9Pr 13–17Mt 27-282 Cor 1-4
March 20Lev 9.1–11.47Ezek 10–17Pr 18–22Lk 12 Cor 5-8
March 27Lev 12.1–13.59Ezek 18–22Pr 23–27Lk 2-32 Cor 9-11
April 3Lev 14.1–15.33Ezek 23–27Pr 28–30Lk 42 Cor 12-13; Gal 1-2
April 10Lev 16.1–18.30Ezek 28–30Pr 31–endLk 5-6Gal 3-5
April 17Lev 19.1–20.27Ezek 31–40Dan 1–3Lk 7Gal 6; Eph 1-3
April 24Lev 21.1–24.23Ezek 41–43Dan 4–6Lk 8Eph 4-6
May 1Lev 25.1–26.2Ezek 44–46Dan 7–8Lk 9Phil 1-3
May 8Lev 26.3–27.34Ezek 47–endDan 9–endLk 10-11Phil 4; Col 1-3
May 15Num 1.1–4.20Is 1–5Ezra 1-5Lk 12Col 4; 1 Th 1-3
May 22Num 4.21–7.89Is 6–9Ezra 6-endLk 131 Th 4-5; 2 Th
May 29Num 8.1–12.16Is 10–13RuthLk 14-151 Tim 1-5
June 5Num 13.1–15.41Is 14–20Neh 1-5Lk 16-171 Tim 6; 2 Tim 1-3
June 12Num 16.1–18.32Is 21–24Neh 6-endLk 18-192 Tim 4; Titus; Philem
June 19Num 19.1–22.1Is 25–291 Ch 1–5Lk 20-21Heb 1-5
June 26Num 22.2–25.9Is 30–331 Ch 6–11Lk 22Heb 6-8
July 3Num 25.10–30.1Is 34–401 Ch 12–17Lk 23-24Heb 9-11
July 10Num 30.2–32.42Is 41–441 Ch 18–23Jn 1Heb 12-13
July 17Num 33.1–36.13Is 45–491 Ch 24–endJn 2-3Jam 1-4
July 24Dt 1.1–3.22Is 50–58LamentationsJn 4-5Jam 5; 1 Pet 1-3
July 31Dt 3.23–7.11Is 59–end2 Ch 1–4Jn 61 Pet 4-5; 2 Pet 1-2
Aug 7Dt 7.12–11.25Hos 1–62 Ch 5–8Jn 72 Pet 3; 1 Jn 1-2
Aug 14Dt 11.26–16.17Hos 7–122 Ch 9–14Jn 81 Jn 3-5; 2 Jn
Aug 21Dt 16.18–21.9Hos 13–end2 Ch 15–24Jn 9-102 Jn; Jude; Rev 1
Aug 28Dt 21.10–25.19Joel & Amos2 Ch 25–27Jn 11Rev 2-5
Sept 4Dt 26.1–29.8Ob, Jon, & Mic2 Ch 28–34Jn 12-13Rev 6-9
Sept 11Dt 29.9–30.20Nah, Hab, Zeph, & Hag2 Ch 35–endJn 14-15Rev 10-12
Sept 18Dt 31.1–31.30Zech 1-8Ecc 1-5Jn 16-17Rev 13-16
Sept 25Dt 32.1–32.52Zech 9-endEcc 6-9Jn 18-19Rev 17-19
Oct 2Dt 33.1–34.12MalachiEcc 10-endJn 20-21Rev 20-22

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