God’s Calling

This week we hear one of my favorite passages from the prophet Isaiah. The passage is the whole of Chapter 6 and it describes when God called and commissioned Isaiah to become a prophet. It is a wild vision that includes six-winged Seraphim (angels of fire), God’s robe filling the whole Temple, an angel putting a live coal on Isaiah’s lips, and a song so loud and good that it shakes the foundations of the Temple and we still sing it to this day. It starts, “Holy, holy, holy…” Sound familiar?

But besides the fireworks, which are a lot of fun, the most important moment in the chapter is when God says, “Whom shall I send, and who shall go for us?” and Isaiah replies, “Here I am; send me.”

It is common among Christians today to believe that God is going to save the world all by God’s lonesome. We’ll pray just the right prayer and be just good enough, and God will end wars, hunger, disease, and all the bad things of this world without us, but this is not so. Since the beginning of time, God has needed us to participate in the creation, redemption, and sanctification of this world. Adam names all of the animals in creation. Noah builds an ark. The prophets accept the call, and preach to God’s people. Jesus accepts the mission and the apostles accept the call to carry it on after the resurrection. And the list just keeps going on.

God also offers us the chance to participate with God in the creation, redemption, and sanctification of this wonderful world. All we have to do is say, “Here I am; send me.”

Will you accept God’s call this week? Where are you being sent to be Light?

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