Advent Appeal 2022

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we come to the conclusion of this Advent season, I find myself filled with anticipation. Of course, there are the usual feelings of excitement as Christ comes among us again as the child of Nazareth, but I am also longing for the new semester and new year. We have just completed an amazing semester, and there is renewed hope for more outreach, more church visits, and more time together to pray and study in person. As we are learning to live with our new realities, St. A’s is getting back on the path to a full schedule of student and community activities. To get there, we need your help!

How can you support St. A’s and the work of the Episcopal and Lutheran Church on UK’s campus?

First, and most importantly, pray for us. We need your prayers as we work with students who are beginning to navigate their adult lives. We need your prayers as we walk the Way of Jesus in new and exciting ways. We need your prayers as we look to the future of our campus ministry and make plans to serve the next generation.

Secondly, share St. A’s with someone you know. You never know who needs our group of loving and engaged students. They’ve been known to take each other to brunch when one of them is having a bad day. They give each other rides when the weather is bad or when a car is in the shop. They show up for each other week after week at Gathering and listen to each other’s joys and pains, carrying each other through the semesters. I bet you know a young adult who needs a community like that. Share St. A’s with them.

Lastly, I am asking for your financial support. As we make our final steps out of the worst of the pandemic, we have needed to buy all new snacks, renew our depleted worship supplies, and rebuild our student hospitality funds. You can help us get back on track. Please visit and select “St. Augustine’s Chapel” from the “Fund” dropdown menu. We appreciate one-time and recurring gifts.

I recently asked our Student Gathering why they took two hours out of their week when they could be doing anything else to come to the Chapel. Their unanimous answer was “We come for each other.” Please support this ministry in any way you can so we can continue to share the Good News for years to come.

Grace and Peace,
Rob Coulston
Campus Minister

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