(Daily) Reflection 9-15-17

Reading: Ephesians 1.17-23

Reflection: I had a tough morning. It was just one of those days that didn’t go right from the beginning. It happens. So you can imagine how I felt reading the lesson from Ephesians which is talking about hope. Hope has a lot of definitions, I actually looked them up, but there is one that caught my attention today: reasonable confidence or trust. I think about trust, or faith, all the time. My trust in God is the basis for my hope in the coming reign of Christ when human dignity and not profits are the foundation of our common life, when all people will be brought together in love, when we really do understand that the things that unite us are so much stronger than our divisions. I trust in God to give me strength and courage to do the hard work of honoring the humanity of all. So that’s my hope today. It won’t make my morning much better but it will improve my outlook. What’s the hope you’re being called to today? What gifts has God given you to make that hope a reality? Leave a comment below.

Prayer: Gracious God,we thank you for the gift of today. Help us to make our trust in you a hope for the future, and our hope a reality. May your reign come soon. Amen.

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