St. A’s Rule of Life

During Lent this year, our community has been engaged in the practice of writing a rule of life. This process has included the whole community. We have discussed our values through the lens of what it means to follow Jesus Christ at the University of Kentucky in the 21st century.

If you’re not familiar with a rule of life, don’t let the word “rule” distract you. This rule is more like a constitution that guides how we make decisions and how we want to go through our common life as St. Augustine’s. It is less a list of “have-tos” and more chance to dream about our life together.

We began to write the rule by looking at core values: Love, Worship, Prayer, Service, Giving, and Retreat. Then we talked about some of the big issues in our life together. Who is God? How do we want to relate to one another? How does Church fit into our lives? Then, after a lot of trial versions on my part, I synthesized a document that seems to fit.

Here is the summary of our rule:
We seek to love the wold like Jesus.
We worship together.
We ground ourselves in God through personal prayer.
We work to serve our community like Jesus.
We give back from God’s gifts to us.
We retreat to recharge.

Follow this link to see our full Rule of Life. This has been a great step for us as we begin to move into the future of ministry at St. A’s. We hope this will help students who share our passion for living like Jesus meet up with us.

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