One Minute, No Jargon

For a couple of months now, I’ve been finding quotes and prayers and posting them to Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag “MeditationMonday.” I try to find thought provoking quotes from a variety of sources and as I was searching on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, I found a quote from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, “What will change the nation? Explain why you follow Jesus in one minute with no jargon. That will change the world.”

It can take more than a minute to think out our answer, and for many of us, it is a huge challenge because we may have never thought it out in this way or never been asked the question, but trying to explain why we follow Jesus is an important exercise these days. Having a good explanation for why we follow Jesus reinforces for ourselves why we do this “Christian” thing, and also adds authenticity to our message of hope.

In the spirit of the Archbishop’s call for brevity, all I want to ask is, how would you explain why you follow Jesus in one minute or 125 words or less with no jargon? Leave a comment or video.

Here’s mine: I follow Jesus because I have seen a glimpse of how the world can be when we love with a love like his and live like he lived. The new, inclusive, and life-giving family that is made by following in Jesus’ way gives me hope for a better world. Through Jesus’ new life and my sharing in it, I too, can live a new life of truth and freedom in God’s love.

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