Advent Appeal

Dear Friends in Christ, 

The season of Advent is my favorite season of the whole church year. I love the changing of the year, the soft blues and purples of the Church, and the hymns of joy and expectation. As the light from the sun wanes, the light of Christ increases as we begin a new liturgical year.

In the past year we have seen so much growth at St. A’s. The number of students participating in all our activities is up and this is great, but we have also grown in intangible ways. Whenever a new person joins, we get to see the world from their perspective. As we deepen our ties to God in Jesus Christ and our ties to each other, we grow our sense of community and our sense of belonging. St. A’s is a place where all are not only welcome, but truly included.

To help us sustain this growth, St. A’s is asking for your support. As always, your prayers are what we ask for first. Secondly, we ask that you share St. A’s with someone you know: a student looking for a place to fit in, a professor who has a desire to help the next generation of collegiate Christians, or a staff person who wants to build a space to ask the difficult questions of life. There is a place for everyone to belong at St. A’s.

Lastly, if you are able, please contribute financially to St. A’s. Please visit this link, select St. Augustine’s Chapel in the “Fund” drop down menu, and continue with your gift. On the theme of sustaining growth, I would like you to consider the “Give Multiple Times” option. Giving a small monthly gift or a larger quarterly gift allows us to keep our momentum through the year, especially through the “lean” summer months.

You may also send a check to the Chapel, 472 Rose Street, Lexington KY 40508, if that is your preference.

Finally, let me tell you how grateful the St. A’s community is for you and your support. Thank you for your prayers, for your financial support, and for your commitment to our mission and ministry. St. A’s cannot continue without you.

Grace and Peace,

Rob Coulston,
Campus Minister

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