St. A’s 2021 Report

What a year! Again! During these difficult and confusing years of Covid, so many things have changed that it is hard to keep our bearings, but as followers of Christ, we always know where our deepest selves live, where our deepest roots take hold, and from there, our truest lives spring forth, even in troubled times.

I am pleased to report that St. Augustine’s Chapel had a great year despite all of the head winds. Our Student Gathering has continued to grow in numbers, in community, and in learning. In May, our students finished their year-long study of the Gospel of Mark and in the Fall 2021 Semester we began our study of Matthew. Liturgically, we continued our tradition of Ash Wednesday and Holy Week services, though online instead of in-person. We also got to have some fun social activities including a Christmas party with Christmas carols and snacks from Habibi Sweets, and a couple of campfires with s’mores. Lastly, we had two virtual retreats that were very successful and included action and advocacy around climate change and refugee resettlement. Numerically, we have the largest core group since at least 2017 when I began at the ministry, and our reach is getting wider every semester.

This Christian community at St. A’s is going and growing strong and we are ready for the next phase of our ministry as we look forward to doing more service for our community and hopefully reopen the Chapel for our worship life and community engagement.

Finally, to all who support our ministry through prayer, love, and financial donations: Thank you. The support you show to me and to our students and to our mission to bring the Love of God in Christ Jesus to the University of Kentucky makes everything we do possible. We appreciate you.

Grace and Peace,
Rob Coulston,
Campus Minister

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